Unique system for hanging pictures

In my room at home, I live in the attic. This creates a unique struggle to hang things, such as photos. Recently, I had an epiphany about how to display all of my favorite memories! I turned my bed so that the headboard is butted up to the railing and you can see part of it as you’re walking up the stairs. Then, I created a very unique way to display photos!

The first thing I did after rearranging my furniture was to buy supplies. I needed fabric the size of the headboard, thumb tacks, nails, mini clothespins, spray paint and twine or rope. I decided on these leather strips to give my project an eclectic vibe.

This project can also be done on any piece of plywood. It doesn’t have to be a headboard! To modify it, the only additional supply needed are the mounting supplies used to hang it on the wall. These types of supplies are easily found at Hobby Lobby or Michaels

The first thing to do is to paint your mini clothespins the color that you want, if you want to change the color from the basic wood-tone. Be sure to turn them several times in order to cover ever crevice with paint. It will take more than one coat to get these completely covered. Once those are finished, set them aside to dry. You will need them at the very end.

The next step is to adhere the fabric to the headboard. I used nails in each corner and one in the middle. I had to hammer these in with the assistance of my dad. Then, I went back and added in the decorative tacks to make it look better!

IMG_1687    IMG_1680

Once those were in, I used larger nails to wrap the leather straps around. When you are hanging the straps, you want them to run parallel to each other and to the top of the headboard to create two horizontal lines. You can space them out from each other about 7 and a half inches apart. This is the size of a general 4 by 6 photo with a little breathing room at the bottom so things don’t get crowded.

IMG_1681    IMG_1682

Following hanging your leather straps, you are ready to hang up your photos. Use the small clothespins to attach your favorite photos to the board.

IMG_1683    IMG_8328 IMG_8329

Now you have a completely unique way to display all of your images to your friends and family!

Inspired by: Goodwillionaire

What types of photos will you show off? How will you customize this for your room?


Top five things every crafter needs to have on hand

Today, we’ll be looking at the five essential crafting supplies that everyone needs to have on hand at all times. You never know when inspiration will strike, and keeping these five crucial supplies on hand will ensure you’re always ready! All of these supplies are available at Hobby Lobby or Michaels, and most are also available at Walmart. If you’re wanting to stock up on these supplies, Michaels and Hobby Lobby usually run specials on at least one of them each week, so check your local ads for the best deals!

1. Hot-glue gun

This is the first thing every aspiring crafter needs. A hot-glue gun can fix anything! You can use it on practically any surface to bond, but it is also good for the soul. Anything that is wrong in your life can probably be fixed with a therapeutic hour of hot gluing crafting!


2. Canvases

These are pretty basic supplies and come in tons of sizes. These can be used to paint anything on and are perfect for making last-minute gifts with! These are relatively inexpensive and are readily available at craft stores!


3. Mod Podge

This is the mother of all craft adhesives! If hot glue can’t fix it, then bring in the Mod Podge. This gooey, weird-smelling adhesive is perfect for adhering paper or glitter to surfaces. It is the secret to the perfect collage!


4. Glitter

This is arguably the most necessary part of crafting. Things with glitter make people happy. Glitter is universally needed for crafting, and almost every project can be improved with a little bit of sparkle. Glitter is best used with Mod Podge as its adhesive. Glitter comes in so many colors, but I like to keep a simple silver or white on hand for most projects!


5.  Acrylic craft paints

These versatile little bottles of paint are easy to come by and relatively inexpensive. They come in every shade of color you could ever want. Whether it’s the perfect shade of purple to show your Bison pride or the right shade of blue to match your new bedspread, these little paints come in the right shade. This paint can be used on wood, canvas, and even as body paint! Just be careful, though; this won’t wash out of your clothes!


Are there any other essentials that you can think of? Do you agree with all of these selections? Let me know in the comments!

BONUS ITEM: A trendy container


Having somewhere to store all of these supplies is crucial, and it can be tough to find the perfect container. These market totes are the perfect carry-all for all of your essentials and can be personalized with your name or initials.