DIY jewelry hanger made from a second-hand frame

Before I came to college, I had a wonderful jewelry organization system. The only problem is that it was huge! It was over two feet wide! Sadly, I realized I didn’t have room for that in my tiny college dorm room.


Once I decided I needed to downsize, I started looking around Pinterest to see what I could make. I found one that I liked made from a second-hand frame and decided to put my own spin on it.

The first thing I did was go buy supplies. I got a frame from Goodwill the size that I wanted to make my board. Then, I went to Michaels and purchased spray paint, cork board, burlap and spray adhesive. Finally, at Home Depot, I purchased drawer pulls and c-hooks. I know this list makes this project sound intimidating, but it’s actually a easy process to follow so don’t bail on me!

IMG_1563   IMG_1559

* Second-hand frame is not pictured

The first step is to remove the original photo from the frame and sand it down. Then, I spray-painted it a color to match my room. One piece of advice is to choose a type of paint that is not high gloss or matte, especially when using a second-hand frame. Those finishes show every dent and scratch on your frame, which isn’t always a good thing.

The next step was to cut the cork board to fit inside the frame if you didn’t buy it the correct size. I used a box cutter, and it worked well. Make sure to measure the inside dimensions of the frame for your cutting purposes.

Once your cork board is cut, adhere the burlap (or any type of fabric you want) onto it using the spray adhesive. I find this type of adhesive is best for large areas like this, although you could use hot glue or tacky glue on the edges instead.

Following that, you must attach the hooks and pulls onto the board. The first thing I did was to lay out how I wanted the board to look without actually attaching anything. This gave me an idea of where everything would be and what the finished product would look like. I decided on four hooks for necklaces and three drawer pulls for earrings and rings. The drawer pulls are great because dangly earrings can hang on the edges and studs and rings sit inside.

Once I had my layout, I twisted the hooks into the board (with a little help from my dad of course). Then, for the drawer pulls we just treated it like we were installing them into a cabinet and screwed them in.

Liberty Hardware has an excellent tutorial for any beginners!

We installed ours upside down so that there was storage on the inside and so that earrings were able to hang off the edges.

IMG_1547    IMG_1535

The last step was to instal your completed cork board piece into the frame. I hammered mine in just to make sure it was secure!

IMG_1540      IMG_1534

Now you have a beautiful, handmade jewelry holder that is completely customizable to your personal collection.

IMG_1520   IMG_1532

IMG_1531   IMG_1529

Inspired by: Craftgawker

How will you make this project your own? What would you add in order to accommodate your jewelry collection?

BONUS PROJECT: Some of my heavier, more bulky necklaces weren’t able to fit on the board, so I just used a push pin right beside it to hold them! This is super-easy and only requires one supply! This is perfect for all your trendy bubble necklaces, ladies!



Easy message board for a dorm room

I love taking old things and giving them new life, so we are at Goodwill on the hunt for a frame. We’ll be using it to make a message board. It is similar to a white board and is great for encouragement, grocery lists or general silliness between roommates.

The supplies needed for this project are fabric of any color, spray adhesive, spray paint of any color and your second hand frame. You will also need either the original picture from the frame or a mat board, found at Walmart. You can cut your mat to the right size or buy it in the correct size originally.

Step one is to remove the original photo and glass from the frame. Set both of these things aside, as you will need them later on. You need to sand down your frame to remove any nicks or scratches put there by the previous owner. Once you’ve sanded and removed all the dusty residue, it’s time to spray paint! You can chose any color you like to match your room, but I suggest avoiding high-gloss or matte finishes. I used high-gloss and it clung to every imperfection I missed while sanding. I would recommend a regular semi-gloss finish for better results.


While that is drying, you can begin working on the inside. Start by measuring the mat board piece that you have. Then, add two inches to each side (but not the top and bottom) and cut your fabric. You want the extra fabric on the sides so that have something to grab onto to pull it very taut. Keeping the top and bottom the same size will ensure that your corners don’t get crinkled. Following cutting your piece of fabric, I suggest ironing it. I skipped over this step, but I wish I hadn’t. My final product has unsightly wrinkles in it and I regret not taking the time to iron them out.

Once your  fabric piece is smoothed out, you are ready to attach it to your mat board. If you’re using your original photo, be sure and flip it over and glue to the back so that you can’t see anything through the fabric. Spray your adhesive onto the board and then carefully lay your fabric down on top of it, being sure to smooth any air bubbles. Use your extra fabric on the back to pull everything taut and to ensure that there are no wrinkles.

IMG_1641    IMG_1639

Once that is completely dry, you can begin to put the final product together. Put the glass back into the frame and then the board, just like you would with a  regular picture. To secure everything into my frame, I used glazier points. These are small pieces used in the framing world to secure photos into their frames. To use them, simply hammer or push them into the back of your frame with the small points sticking up.

IMG_1631    IMG_1653    IMG_1661    IMG_1672

Now you have made a completely unique message system for your dorm room! This project is completely customizable for your unique style, so be creative and have fun making this uniquely yours!


Inspired by: Craftaholics Anonymous and Drawings Under The Table

How will you customize this project for your room?