How to make a unique yet simple wreath replacement

Today we will be taking a basic wooden letter and making it something special. These letters are available at most major craft stores for very little money, especially if you take advantage of the weekly coupons offered by these retailers. These letters are basic and boring, but they have the potential to be very chic. These look amazing on front doors as a summer alternative to a heavy wreath. They can be decorated to match any existing color scheme and the possibilities for personal flair are endless!

For this project you will need the wooden letter, acrylic craft paint in the color of your choosing, brushes, a ruler, a pencil, ribbon, hot glue and a paint pallet. This list seems long, I know, but it is actually a simple process.

The first step is to plan out what you’ll be doing. This project is completely customizable to your personal tastes. For my project, I decided to duplicate this chevron pattern. To do this on a shape that wasn’t perfectly rectangular, I made the squares for the chevron as if it was normal. I had to use my ruler to imagine where a line would be so I could get an appropriate angle sometimes, but other than that, it was the same as my previous chevron patterns that I made on canvases.

IMG_1754    IMG_1756

Once you have drawn your boxes and lines and erased all the unnecessary parts, you can use your acrylic paint (one of your crafting essentials) to paint on your design. Remember to use multiple coats to achieve a rich-looking finish. Once your paint has dried, you can spray a clear sealant over the whole thing to make it more durable to weather conditions, or if this will be placed indoors you are done.

IMG_2050    IMG_2053

Following painting, you simply need to cut your ribbon piece as long as you’d like. Think about how much of the ribbon you want to be able to see and how low you’d like your letter to hang. Once you’ve determined the length, cut your ribbon to the desired length and hot glue it or staple it with a staple gun onto the back of the letter.


Now you have a special looking monogram that is uniquely yours! I hope you’ve enjoyed this project! What variations can you think of trying out? Would you rather do a letter for your first or last name? Let me know in the comments below!

IMG_2065    IMG_2060


Making one-of-a-kind gifts

This week, we will be making one of my favorite gifts to give! Over the holidays this year I made about 10 of these for my friends and family. They are very easy and take only about an hour from start to finish. Drumroll, please! Chevron canvases are the craft of the week!

The supplies needed for this project include a canvas of any size (I used an 8×10), a ruler, a pencil, acrylic craft paints, paint brushes and something to put the paint in. I love these small trays from Walmart!


The first step of this project is to draw horizontal lines across your canvas. These can be any length apart, but the more lines you have, the more chevrons you will end up with. I usually do 2 inches apart, but this time I did 1.5 inches.


Following that, you will draw vertical lines across the canvas to make a grid. Make sure your horizontal and vertical lines are the same distances. For example, if you did horizontal lines 2″ apart your vertical lines would also be 2 inches apart.

IMG_1600     IMG_1601

Then, you will connect the corners of the boxes in a zig-zag pattern. A line should be drawn from the top left corner to the bottom right and then on the next square from the bottom left to the top right and so on. Each row should follow the same pattern.

IMG_1605    IMG_1607

The last thing before you paint is to erase the horizontal and vertical lines you drew, especially if you are using light colors or made heavy marks. This seems pointless, but it will provide you with a more polished look in the end. Make sure when you’re erasing to leave all of the diagonal lines you drew; they are your chevron template.

IMG_1609    IMG_1611

The next step is to break out the paint and start having fun! I find painting to be very relaxing, so I love this part. You can use any color you choose and in any order you choose. This is completely up to you! Some of the ones I’ve made previously have been to match people’s dorms, their favorite colors or the colors of their sorority or social club.

IMG_1602     IMG_1613

I find that three coats are required to give a rich-looking color to your canvas. With lighter colors, sometimes four or five looks best, but I always do at least three to make sure the color looks even and vivid.

After one coat, as you can see, the colors look streaky and bland.


The finished product is much more bold!


Inspired by: Casa CullenRuche, and Mommy is Coocoo

I hope you’ve been inspired to get creative and create your very own wall decorations! Which colors would you chose? Do you think a smaller or larger chevron is cuter?

BONUS PROJECT: These are two of my favorite variations on the basic chevron canvases. The first is to add glitter over any of your colors. Simply Mod Podge straight onto your canvas and then shake the glitter on top of it. After 20 minutes, shake off the excess and repeat the process. This gets very messy, so I recommend doing it in a garage or outside. The second variation adds personalization using a wooden letter, available at Hobby Lobby for around $3. Paint the letter any color your want and then hot glue it onto your finished canvas. It’s so simple, but it adds an extra special touch!