Top five things every crafter needs to have on hand

Today, we’ll be looking at the five essential crafting supplies that everyone needs to have on hand at all times. You never know when inspiration will strike, and keeping these five crucial supplies on hand will ensure you’re always ready! All of these supplies are available at Hobby Lobby or Michaels, and most are also available at Walmart. If you’re wanting to stock up on these supplies, Michaels and Hobby Lobby usually run specials on at least one of them each week, so check your local ads for the best deals!

1. Hot-glue gun

This is the first thing every aspiring crafter needs. A hot-glue gun can fix anything! You can use it on practically any surface to bond, but it is also good for the soul. Anything that is wrong in your life can probably be fixed with a therapeutic hour of hot gluing crafting!


2. Canvases

These are pretty basic supplies and come in tons of sizes. These can be used to paint anything on and are perfect for making last-minute gifts with! These are relatively inexpensive and are readily available at craft stores!


3. Mod Podge

This is the mother of all craft adhesives! If hot glue can’t fix it, then bring in the Mod Podge. This gooey, weird-smelling adhesive is perfect for adhering paper or glitter to surfaces. It is the secret to the perfect collage!


4. Glitter

This is arguably the most necessary part of crafting. Things with glitter make people happy. Glitter is universally needed for crafting, and almost every project can be improved with a little bit of sparkle. Glitter is best used with Mod Podge as its adhesive. Glitter comes in so many colors, but I like to keep a simple silver or white on hand for most projects!


5.  Acrylic craft paints

These versatile little bottles of paint are easy to come by and relatively inexpensive. They come in every shade of color you could ever want. Whether it’s the perfect shade of purple to show your Bison pride or the right shade of blue to match your new bedspread, these little paints come in the right shade. This paint can be used on wood, canvas, and even as body paint! Just be careful, though; this won’t wash out of your clothes!


Are there any other essentials that you can think of? Do you agree with all of these selections? Let me know in the comments!

BONUS ITEM: A trendy container


Having somewhere to store all of these supplies is crucial, and it can be tough to find the perfect container. These market totes are the perfect carry-all for all of your essentials and can be personalized with your name or initials.




Make your own trendy hair ties for a fraction of the cost

Today’s project is incredibly popular, but you can create your own for a fraction of what they cost in stores! We will be making Emi-Jays, which are the hair bands made out of thick, colored elastic that have recently become very trendy. This easy craft is also quick to make. This is not a complicated project, so beginners don’t be intimidated!

Many stores have these cute hair ties at incredibly high prices. J. Crew has five for $12.50, Nordstrom has the original Emi Jay at six for $3.59, and Forever 21 is the most reasonably priced at five for $2.80. The ones we make today will cost much less.

When I purchased my supplies, I ordered 26 yards of 5/8 inch elastic from the Sunshine Shoppe for only $17 including shipping. That sounds like a lot of elastic, but these are perfect last-minute gifts!

The first step to begin is to measure out the elastic. For my thick hair, I measured 8 inches, but you should customize the length for the thickness and length of your hair. For general purposes though, around 7 inches is pretty standard. You can pull it taut or not; it is completely up to you how long each one is. 


Then, I cut at around the 8″ mark. When cutting, try to cut at an angle so the ends don’t fray as badly. Try to find sharp scissors to prevent fraying as well.


Following that, I folded my piece in half to prepare to tie a knot.


Then, tie the knot and pull it down toward the end  to make it tighter. This keeps it from coming untied and prevents you from making any additional knots.

IMG_1513     IMG_1514

And now you have a great hair tie that only takes a few simple steps!

IMG_1516     IMG_1515

Because of how long I cut mine, I was able to get four hair ties per yard. So that ends up being around $0.20 a hair tie. This is lower than Forever 21, the cheapest store-bought version, by $0.36! J. Crew’s version is $2.50 apiece! That is a savings of over $2.00!

I hope you’re now encouraged to save some money and try out this simple craft for yourself.

Inspired by: The Winsome Life

BONUS PROJECT: Another thing you can make with this elastic is headbands! Simply cut longer pieces of elastic using your head as the measurement, and repeat the same process of tying.

IMG_1517   Photo on 1-26-14 at 4.00 PM

Which project are you going to try? Hair ties, headbands; or both?

Not so basic photo frame

This week, we’ll be making a craft that has to do with displaying pictures! We’ll be making a customizable frame that can be modified to match any type of decor. This project should be all about what you want! I hope you can use my ideas to spark a project of your own.

You’ll need the following supplies this week: a wooden photo frame, acrylic craft paint, a ruler, brushes and masking tape or painters tape. This project is super-easy to do, but looks very chic. The colors you chose are completely up to you, but I do recommend using glitter paint to achieve a glamorous and fun look for your frame!


The first thing to do is to paint the frame the color of your choosing. I used a medium-sized brush and it worked perfectly. I ended up doing three coats of paint in order to make the color look rich.


Following painting, the frame needs time to dry. Once your frame is completely dry, you can begin taping off the stripes. I made my stripes one inch wide. I started from the top and measured down an inch. I taped a piece of masking tape down. Once I had that piece down, I measured down from the top of it an inch and placed another piece to make an inch-wide strip. The two pieces of tape were overlapping to create the inch-wide section. Repeat this process all the way down the frame, making sure to press down firmly on the edges so no paint leaks under the edge of the tape. Because you’re making stripes, you can simply stretch the tape across the center hole where the photo goes to keep all of your stripes level and to avoid excess work taping!

IMG_1784    IMG_1789

Once it is all taped off, it’s time to bring in the glitter! I like the glitter paint for projects like this because it is less messy and it is also a more subtle sparkle. You’ll still be able to see your original color underneath the sparkles. Simply paint between the lines you taped off to make the striped pattern with the glitter paint. This time I used a slightly smaller brush so that I was able to be precise with what I was doing.


Once you’ve allowed the glitter paint to dry, it is time to take off the tape! The tape should come off easily, but be careful not to pull if off too quickly or too hard, as that could pull small flecks of paint off, too. Once your tape is off, you have a beautiful new frame to gift to a friend or keep for yourself! I think this one might make a wonderful present for my Big!

IMG_1799    IMG_1800

Inspired by: Shanty 2 Chic

How will you customize this with your favorite colors? Do you like the glitter paint?

BONUS PROJECT: The photo I put in the frame is from Walgreens. They offer collage prints with multiple photos on one print. This is similar to apps that are on smart phones that can put several photos into one Instagram or Facebook post. These prints start a $0.33, which is the best part!