Make your own trendy hair ties for a fraction of the cost

Today’s project is incredibly popular, but you can create your own for a fraction of what they cost in stores! We will be making Emi-Jays, which are the hair bands made out of thick, colored elastic that have recently become very trendy. This easy craft is also quick to make. This is not a complicated project, so beginners don’t be intimidated!

Many stores have these cute hair ties at incredibly high prices. J. Crew has five for $12.50, Nordstrom has the original Emi Jay at six for $3.59, and Forever 21 is the most reasonably priced at five for $2.80. The ones we make today will cost much less.

When I purchased my supplies, I ordered 26 yards of 5/8 inch elastic from the Sunshine Shoppe for only $17 including shipping. That sounds like a lot of elastic, but these are perfect last-minute gifts!

The first step to begin is to measure out the elastic. For my thick hair, I measured 8 inches, but you should customize the length for the thickness and length of your hair. For general purposes though, around 7 inches is pretty standard. You can pull it taut or not; it is completely up to you how long each one is. 


Then, I cut at around the 8″ mark. When cutting, try to cut at an angle so the ends don’t fray as badly. Try to find sharp scissors to prevent fraying as well.


Following that, I folded my piece in half to prepare to tie a knot.


Then, tie the knot and pull it down toward the end  to make it tighter. This keeps it from coming untied and prevents you from making any additional knots.

IMG_1513     IMG_1514

And now you have a great hair tie that only takes a few simple steps!

IMG_1516     IMG_1515

Because of how long I cut mine, I was able to get four hair ties per yard. So that ends up being around $0.20 a hair tie. This is lower than Forever 21, the cheapest store-bought version, by $0.36! J. Crew’s version is $2.50 apiece! That is a savings of over $2.00!

I hope you’re now encouraged to save some money and try out this simple craft for yourself.

Inspired by: The Winsome Life

BONUS PROJECT: Another thing you can make with this elastic is headbands! Simply cut longer pieces of elastic using your head as the measurement, and repeat the same process of tying.

IMG_1517   Photo on 1-26-14 at 4.00 PM

Which project are you going to try? Hair ties, headbands; or both?


2 thoughts on “Make your own trendy hair ties for a fraction of the cost

  1. Nice blog! I’m a fan of learning to be creative with accessories. Loved how you incorporated pics into your tutorials to help those of us that are challenged in that area.. The headband idea is my favorite, a great way to save money. Look forward to seeing more tips and ideas!

  2. Seems like an easy project that just about anyone could do! Great job having pictures up so people could know what it is supposed to look like.

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