Not so basic photo frame

This week, we’ll be making a craft that has to do with displaying pictures! We’ll be making a customizable frame that can be modified to match any type of decor. This project should be all about what you want! I hope you can use my ideas to spark a project of your own.

You’ll need the following supplies this week: a wooden photo frame, acrylic craft paint, a ruler, brushes and masking tape or painters tape. This project is super-easy to do, but looks very chic. The colors you chose are completely up to you, but I do recommend using glitter paint to achieve a glamorous and fun look for your frame!


The first thing to do is to paint the frame the color of your choosing. I used a medium-sized brush and it worked perfectly. I ended up doing three coats of paint in order to make the color look rich.


Following painting, the frame needs time to dry. Once your frame is completely dry, you can begin taping off the stripes. I made my stripes one inch wide. I started from the top and measured down an inch. I taped a piece of masking tape down. Once I had that piece down, I measured down from the top of it an inch and placed another piece to make an inch-wide strip. The two pieces of tape were overlapping to create the inch-wide section. Repeat this process all the way down the frame, making sure to press down firmly on the edges so no paint leaks under the edge of the tape. Because you’re making stripes, you can simply stretch the tape across the center hole where the photo goes to keep all of your stripes level and to avoid excess work taping!

IMG_1784    IMG_1789

Once it is all taped off, it’s time to bring in the glitter! I like the glitter paint for projects like this because it is less messy and it is also a more subtle sparkle. You’ll still be able to see your original color underneath the sparkles. Simply paint between the lines you taped off to make the striped pattern with the glitter paint. This time I used a slightly smaller brush so that I was able to be precise with what I was doing.


Once you’ve allowed the glitter paint to dry, it is time to take off the tape! The tape should come off easily, but be careful not to pull if off too quickly or too hard, as that could pull small flecks of paint off, too. Once your tape is off, you have a beautiful new frame to gift to a friend or keep for yourself! I think this one might make a wonderful present for my Big!

IMG_1799    IMG_1800

Inspired by: Shanty 2 Chic

How will you customize this with your favorite colors? Do you like the glitter paint?

BONUS PROJECT: The photo I put in the frame is from Walgreens. They offer collage prints with multiple photos on one print. This is similar to apps that are on smart phones that can put several photos into one Instagram or Facebook post. These prints start a $0.33, which is the best part!


One thought on “Not so basic photo frame

  1. The funny thing about this blog is: I had already read it yesterday, and I absolutely loved the idea. I wanted to put some more pictures in my dorm room, but I didn’t want to use boring old picture frames or frames that were too expensive. I really love this idea, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I utilized it soon! Nicely done. I love your blog!

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